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Dear Dr. Li, I realize I can’t be a scientific study of one sample, but after 4-5 months of my knee popping, paining and getting slowly worse, your single treatment of it on 3/16 has made it 90% better for these last 10 days.  I rarely get any twinge of pain or discomfort and flexibility is nearly perfect.  I am trying to walk more so I don’t revert, but I am both impressed and relieved that I don’t have to consider surgery.
Jim Susarrey, Broker

Dr. Li, I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me and my back. Prior to visiting with you, I went through a solid year of chiropractic work, intense physical therapy and yoga. My ruptured disk was causing severe pain to my sciatic nerve, and I was barely able to put on my own socks. Nothing seemed to help. I was in pain 90% of time, had lost all hope, and was ready to go the surgical route.
After nearly giving up hope, my mother had recommended acupuncture after having great results with it in the past. I decided to give it a shot. You made the experience very relaxed and comfortable. After 3 visits with you, my pain was gone. My sciatic nerve inflammation has gone away, and I now live my life pain free. Thank you again Dr. Li!
Ed Warpinski
Plainfield, IL.

Dear Dr. Li,
I wanted to write this letter to commend you for the excellent care I received during my acupuncture sessions.
From the moment I walked in the door, I was treated with the utmost courtesy, consideration and professionalism.
Thanks to you I am no longer suffering from the knee and leg pain that plagued me for so long! I am a true believer in acupuncture.
I have and will continue to recommend Jings’s Acupuncture and Massage.
Thank you,
Annette James

My husband has had chronic sinus problems for years. He’s seen every
imaginable specialist and had every imaginable test (MRI’s, CAT scans, etc)
and no one has been able to help him. Every doctor concluded that his only
option was to take a prescription decongestant daily. He did this for years,
but it would only help temporarily. Within a few weeks or months, he’d
develop another sinus infection. In the meantime, he developed a terrible
snoring problem because he was so congested, and neither of us was able to
get a restful night’s sleep because of his snoring. Some friends who were
patients of Dr Li suggested that Steve should see her. Steve is the ultimate
skeptic, but he was so desperate that he was willing to try anything. After
just one treatment, his snoring stopped completely and after just a few more
treatments his sinus problems were gone. Since then, he has needed only
occasional maintenance treatments either before or after he travels on an
airplane and he no longer needs any medication whatsoever.

After seeing how much Dr Li helped my husband, I decided to consult her
about the problems I was having — numbness in my hands and arms, pain in
one of my toes, and terrible seasonal allergies. I’ve suffered from seasonal
allergies for nearly 20 years. During that time, the only treatment my
primary care doctors ever recommended was prescription medications – pills,
eye drops and nose spray. When my allergies were at their worst, these
prescriptions would reduce the severity of my symptoms, but they never
actually eliminated the symptoms. I’ve consulted several doctors regarding
the numbness in my hands and was told that if it got worse I would probably
have to have carpal tunnel surgery. As for the pain in my toe, they just
shrugged their shoulders and suggested I try a different pair of shoes.

After six acupuncture treatments from Dr Li, I’ve had no allergy symptoms
whatsoever and have been able to completely stop using any allergy
medication, prescription or over-the-counter. The numbness in my hands is
gone as well as the pain in my toe. My only regret is that I didn’t seek
treatment from Dr Li sooner.

Ava Powell
Naperville, IL

My teenage son suffered from insomnia for many months,  which affected his moods and his health.  Dr. Li saw him for several treatments and solved the problem completely.  He began sleeping in a normal pattern again and three years later the problem has not recurred.

My husband suffered with sleep apnea for close to 10 years, with the problem worsening over that time.  He and I were both miserable because of his disturbed sleep pattern.  When I read that sleep apnea can become a threat to the health of your heart, I was alarmed for him.  The problem became very bad.  My husband went to Dr. Li for several treatments and the problem was eliminated.  It has been two years and the sleep apnea has not recurred.  We are both sleeping very well since this time!

I went to Dr. Li for many nonspecific complaints that were not treatable in any meaningful way by my allopathic physician.  Dr. Li worked to balance the energy pathways and I felt much better in every way.  I even had improvement in ways I had not mentioned were bothering me, like digestion of green peppers!  I recommend Dr. Li to all my friends.

Madonna Pence

Three years ago I experienced excruciating pain in my left heel. I went to my podiatrist who diagnosed it as plantar fasciitis. I was given two cortisone shots which did not help. I did three weeks of physical therapy, where I was treated with exercise and ice, still with little or no effect. My podiatrist prescribed dynamic  ultra sound which is a cortisone shot aimed by ultrasound at the point of pain. This helped slightly. My podiatrist said I might need surgery, but suggested that I see Dr Li first.
I went to see Dr Li. After some questions and screening I removed my shoe and sock. Dr, Li found the exact point of pain in about a minute and begun massage. She treated me with acupuncture and massage, and prescribed applying heat to the painful spot along with a Chinese herb paste. I went twice week for a month. Most of the pain was gone in three weeks, and I was pain free in a month. I went once a month and then every other month. I am still pain free and use the Chinese herbs semi-regularly. Dr Li has an amazing feel for location and pain, and remarkable diagnostic skills. She understands the body and how pain in one place may be a symptom something else. In layman’s language: She manages pain!. Dr Li is now treating me for a severe neck pain that is just about gone. Dr Li is skilled, professional, and has a unique understanding of the human body. I recommend her highly!
Bob Tallon
I was trying to get pregnant for two years. I have seen infertility specialist for one year. And all check results are normal. Dr suggests trying IVF. But I am scared of the high dosage of the medication affect my body. I was deeply depressed. When ever I saw other woman pregnant or hear some one pregnant from radio I was crying. I referral to Dr Li by my chiropractor. She is very understand my feeling and give me thoroughly examination and explained the reason why I could not get pregnant from Chinese medicine point view. She gave me acupuncture treatment and some herbs. 6 month later I got pregnant. Now my boy is one years old. I am so happy. Thank you Dr Li
Denise R

I am suffering with migraine headache for more than 30 years. One day it was really bad. I could not stop it with everything I tried. I was working in the hospital that day. The Dr and nurse put me in a dark treatment room give me ice bag on my head. One of the staff there knew Dr Li and called her for help. She came and gives me about one hour treatment with massage and acupuncture. I could not believe it, after that my headache was totally gone. I walked out the room without any pain. That is a miracle.
I have insomnia for many years. After delivering my son, I could not sleep for even one minute for five days straight. I was very tired and with severe anxiety. I know Dr Li before and called her to asked for help. She came to my house gave my an hour of treatment, I slept six hours after her first? treatment for the first time in days!. After follow up subsequent follow up treatments, my insomnia have not come back yet.

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