Jing's Acupuncture and Massage

Balance Mind, Body & Spirit


At Jing’s Acupuncture we provide the following services:

Electronic meridians analysis ( EMAS)
Pulse and tongue reading
Physical meridians check up
Traditional Chinese acupuncture
Electronic stimulation (if necessary)
Ear acupuncture (if necessary)
Cupping treatment (if necessary)
Gua sha (if necessary)

Full body meridians massage (Massage acupoints along the meridians and concentrating on problem meridian areas.)
One hour or one half hour sessions

Foot Massage (60 minutes)
Using herbs to soak the feet for 10-15 minutes, and in the meantime, giving some neck and shoulder massage.  This will be followed by Chinese style foot massage (deep tissue massage with reflexology).

Quit Smoking
Phone consultation
Individual plan
Electronic stimulation (if necessary)
Ear acupuncture (if necessary)

Lose and Control Weight
Body composition analysis (body fat %-body water% metabolisms)
Body shape measurement (arms, legs, hip, and waist circumferences)
Special cream massages (increases dissolving of fat cells)
Electronic stimulation (if necessary)
Ear acupuncture (if necessary)
Diet and life style consultation.

Foot Ion Detoxification (30 minutes)
Using special Ion cleaner equipment to help your body to detoxify

Herbal medicine and supplements

Dr. Li also provides some herbs for external and internal use.

Seminar Education

Dr. Li also will provide education seminars to help people understand the Chinese medicine principle of balance and acupuncture.
Chinese exercise from spring to early fall; Dr. Li will have classes for Tai Chi or Qi Gong on the weekends at the park.
Herbal food cooking class; Dr. Li sometimes will have a class for herbal food preparation for certain conditions like diabetes, lower cholesterol, and low blood pressure.


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