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Dr. Jing Li is a national board (NCCAOM) certificated and IL licensed acupuncturist. She has more than 26 years clinical experience from both China and USA.  She has provided quality care for the Chicago land area for over a decade.

Dr. Jing Li

Here are just a few examples of what Dr. Li could do for you.

check out the testimonial section for more!

Knee pain Relief:  for over a decade, Doctors have prescribed surgery as the only treatment. Just one treatment by Dr Li offered 90% pain relief with none of the hassle and pain.
(See testimonial #1)

Lower back pain: from a herniated disk, a skier planned to undergo a few months of intensive surgery for a herniated disk.  He went to see Dr. Li for a few treatments and the pain was gone! (See testimonial #2)

Severe migraine headache: when nothing seemed to help my severe migraine, my nurse called Dr Li for help and she came and gave a treatment. One hour later I stood up and walked out of the treatment room with no pain. It is really amazing. (See testimonial #8)

Allergy for ten years: and after a short time treatment by Dr. Li, I no longer have a runny nose and teary eyes. (See testimonial #3)

Could not sleep for five days: after delivering a baby, Dr. Li came to my house.  After just one treatment, I slept for 6 hours, for the first time in days. (See testimonial #4)

Diabetes, sugar shot up 600mg/dl:  after coming out of the ER, we went to see Dr. Li and after a few months of treatment my sugar was around 90-110 mg/dl without western medicine. (See testimonial #5)

Tried to get pregnant for two years:  with depression treatment by Dr. Li for 6 months I now have a baby boy (see testimonial #6)

Tinnitus: (ear ringing) for 6 months I was bothered and could not read.  My ear Doctor told me to live with it, that there is no treatment for that.  But Dr. Li made it disappear. (See testimonial #7) We’ve also had huge success with helping patients quit smoking and easy treatment of heel spurs, sports injury, headache, fibromyalgia, arthritis, infertility, and cancer support treatment….. But right now it is your turn to get a help. If you or your family member, or someone you care about is suffering, please contact Dr. Li for help.


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